From an Empty Parking Lot to a Beautiful Wedding – Event Transformation

From an empty parking lot, to a beautiful wedding! Check out this incredible event transformation…

When we say, “transform ANY space into your dream wedding or event” …we mean just that! Our Grand Event Rentals team partnered with the (design/coordinating/planning) talents at Wilkinson Events, to create this magic!

From an empty parking lot –> to a beautiful wedding ceremony and event space! It all started with an empty parking lot, we brought in flooring, lighting, pipe and drapery to create a uniform space around the tables, chairs and all the decor elements in-between! There was even a cool game space for the guests to use, complete with mini golf and sparkling cocktail tables! So unique, exciting and fun! One of our coolest transformations to date! Click HERE to view our video posted to Facebook!

What space will we transform next? Are you ready to start planning YOUR special day? Contact our event team to get started, today!


**A special thank you, to the talented team at Wilkinson Events! We love being able to share these incredible photos with the world! Thank you!