Glossary of Terms

Here is a list of terms we use in the event industry.

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Action Station

An event food service area staffed by a chef or cook. Foods such as sushi, omelettes, crepes, Mexican foods, and more are created as your guests watch. Guests can request specific ingredients to tailor to their individual tastes.

Aisle Ropes

Thick ropes or lines that can be attached to a stanchion. These are used at events to partition off an area and control the crowd. Aisle ropes are commonly used at events to rope off an entrance so people have to check in before entering. Ropes and stanchions are also used to section off a VIP area, bouncers or guards who usually patrol the entrance.


A room in a theatre with stadium seating for viewing movies, multi-media presentations, live presentations or other content; may be used as a meeting room facility.

Aisle Standards

A standard is the base placed strategically at a venue to contain a certain area. Ropes are then clipped to them to section off an area.

Bistro Chairs

A higher seated chair suitable for seating at a bar or bar-height table.

Bridal Runner

A cloth, fabric or even flowers laid on the ground for the bride to walk on. This is usually set up in the middle of the venue or between the two sections of chairs reserved for his and her families.The idea is to make an aisle for the bride from the door to the groom.


A decorative multiple candle holder. Candelabras come in a variety of styles and sizes and are very commonly used inside of churches or any event that requires candle light.

Carving Station

An area where the chef or cook freshly cuts and slices different types or one type of meat to serve to guests.

Dessert Station

Table or area where all the different desserts are served at an event. The guest usually can serve themselves or an attendent serves their selection(s).

Event Manager

The person who oversees everything during the event to make sure everything is going as planned.

Final Guarantee

The final expected number of guests. This number is used by the caterer to determine the amount of food needed and the final costs. Without this number, the caterer could run out of food and be inadequately prepared.

French Service

Where food dishes from a large course menu would be placed on a table or tables all at once, leaving guests to help themselves from the one plate.


A slightly elevated outdoor shelter that can come with or without seating used for a variety of events. Gazebos are usually made of wood and are open so they are best equipped for the warmer months. When found in parks, they are usually quite large and used for picnics or other gatherings. Gazebos found in home or other private spaces are smaller and can be decorated in any manner. Another common usage is for weddings, where the wedding party or just the bride and groom stand to say their vows.

Grass Matting

A durable subfloor that can be placed on any surface to resemble grass. The subfloor is usually made of a nonslip backing and velon or plastic green material. This is often used on film/tv sets in neighborhoods where grass is required.

Hurricane Lamp

A lamp with a stem that spirals like a hurricane. It is a very decorative lamp and can be used on individual tables at an event for extra light

Ice Sculpture

A sculpture composed of ice used for decoration. The skill and art of carving different sizes of ice blocks into a design or object.

Lace Overlay

Pieces of lace that can be laid on top of a table cloth at an event. The overlay adds an accent to the décor.

Location Scouting

When an event planner researches and prices different venue options that are in line with the correct look, capacity number and other aspects central to that particular event.

Menu Planning

The act of deciding which food dishes/options to serve guests at an event based on the budget, season, time of day, crowd preference and other considerations such as whether the event will be a buffet or sit down.

Pipe and Drape

Metal framing often used with colored fabric which is draped over the framing to create a separation, curtain or sub wall at an event.

Place Setting

A set of eating utensils that can range from a formal to very casual setup. Formal meaning china and 6 course meal utensils, casual meaning paper plates and plastic utensils. A place setting at an event would fit the theme and variety of a menu.


Plastic or faux glass supports used underneath the legs of a buffet plate or dish to raise it to eye level.

Serpentine Tables

Curved banquet tables which can be linked together to create unusually creative table designs. Tables can be made into a semi-circle, s-shape, etc… These tables can be used for eating and creating interesting seating arrangements, to hold gift bags or any other purpose at an event.

Site Visit / Site Survey

A visit to the venue before the event necessary for planning.


The creative draping of decorative or colored fabrics for decoration. Fabrics are usually hung from a tent or on a metal frame to help conceal the outline of a tent or canopy.

Table Skirt

A cloth, consistent with the color and decoration of the tablecloth, that is attached to the edge of a table at an event used to conceal a table’s legs.

Up Lighting

Par Can lighting placed on the floor so the light is directed upwards. The light creates a look of spotlights in the sky.


A company and persons hired for the evening or by the hour by an event planning company or venue to park and retrieve cars during an event for a nominal fee.

Wedding Arch

An arch made of metal, wood or plastic that the wedding couple stands underneath to say their vows.The arch is usually decorated with flowers and fabric that are in line with the wedding colors.