Our Team

The Grand Event Rentals team are experienced, knowledgeable and love what they do! When you call or visit our showroom, you will be greeted by these friendly faces! We look forward to assisting you during your event planning process, whatever the event may be!


Eddie - Owner

Eddie Redman has over 30 years of experience in the event industry. He grew up in the business and even spent his teenage summers working for a local rental company. He has a keen eye for event logistics, and has become one of the industry’s best with tent layout and installations, tradeshows and festivals. In his personal time, Eddie enjoys spending time with his wife, three daughters and son. They enjoy outdoor activities such as boating, attending UW football games and snow sports.

Kathy - Owner / Accounting

P: 425-462-7368   E: info@grandrents.com

I started out my career in 1992, as a catering coordinator and catering sales representative for an outside catering company, and had the privilege of studying under the hand of the owner, Lisa Dupar. During this time I learned the ins and outs of producing an off-site event; from menu planning to ordering rentals and buffet design, creating room diagrams, and executing and planning events from 10 to 1000 people. One of my greatest events I had the privilege of being a part of was the Wedding Reception for Bill and Melinda Gates. It was a sit-down dinner for 500 people. This event required an enormous amount of logistics, planning, hiring and training over 100 waitstaff and kitchen staff people to make this event a huge success. I moved over to the country club world of onsite catering as director of catering at Echo Falls Country Club. I helped implement the catering department by creating menu and room packages, hiring and training staff, meeting with customers to plan their events such as Wedding and Golf tournaments. In the year 2000, I was recruited to work in Logistics at the 2002 Winter Olympics, in Salt Lake City, Utah. This was another amazing and wonderful opportunity of working on a huge event of huge magnitude. After the Olympics we moved back to Seattle and bought Grand, in 2005 and we have expanded it with what it is today!

I have done some high profile events throughout my career. However, my passion is planning and executing events no matter how big or small. To me success is an event that is flawless to the customer and guests and they have a wonderful time no matter what happens behind the scenes!

“Life is Grand” “Live it that way!”

Jill - Event Specialist / Office Manager

P: 425-462-7368   E: jillm@grandrents.com

With her passion for colors & textures Jill has been helping clients cultivate exquisite weddings and events at Grand Event Rentals for the past 13 years. She enjoys working with clients who are passionate about their events and making their vision come to life.

Her favorite part of the job is using her creativity to design tablescapes for wedding shows and corporate events.

When she’s not at work you’ll find her in tow with daughter and yorkiepoo. She loves hosting events for friends and family and wine tasting in Woodinville.


Jennifer - Event Specialist

P: 425-462-7368   E: jenniferb@grandrents.com

I am an Event Specialist with 7 years experience in the event rental industry and 17 years as a professional florist. I regularly attend industry seminars and events to keep up on current and future trends. I’m a strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace and do my very best to project cheerful vibes to all those around me.
I do enjoy a good Netflix binge but can also be found walking the puppy in the park on a sunny or slightly soggy day.

What’s your favorite rental item?
Arezzo flatware: The clean lines combined with the trendy soft rose gold coloring is a fun mixture of styles.

What is your favorite type of event?
Tradeshows: I love to organize, especially all the details involved in putting together large events. It’s always interesting to see the variety of vendors and their new ideas and products at all these shindigs.

Who’s your furry friend(s)?
My little Yorkipoo Twix who looks a lot like a little old man with his grey/black fur and white chin beard but is less than 3 years old.

Erica - Event Specialist

P: 425-462-7368   E: ericas@grandrents.com

Erica is a Senior Event Specialist at Grand Event Rentals. She has enjoyed working in the events industry in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years and has been a part of many incredible special occasions. Through these she has established lifelong friendships and amazing memories. Erica excels in connecting with people, understanding their vision and then bringing that vision to life. She will always go the extra mile to make sure every client has a successful, seamless and beautiful event.

What’s your favorite rental item?
I love our clear top canopies. They are so beautiful, especially for Fall weddings with the rain coming down and the changing colors of leaves on nearby trees. Stunning.

What is your favorite type of event?
Weddings! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you were a part of a couple’s big day. I enjoy every step: from the beginning planning stages, to referring amazing PNW vendors, to receiving wedding photos and letters of appreciation for the guidance and expertise. It’s a home run when they reach out again needing help for their anniversary parties!

Who’s your furry friend(s)?
My twelve-year-old son and I have a black cat named Mustache. He’s full of personality and angst. We tell him, “Goodbye Mustache have a good day.” every morning when my son goes off to school and I off to work in hopes he understands and decides not to destroy our house while we are gone.

Brenna - Event Specialist

P: 425-462-7368   E: brennar@grandrents.com

Brenna has been involved in the event industry almost all her life. Growing up with parents who both owned rental companies, she started working full time for the family business as soon as she could. Now, with almost 10 years’ experience, Brenna has learned to appreciate all aspects of the industry. With her great attention to detail, she ensures consistently polished events.

What is your favorite type of event?
Festivals! I’ve always been the type of person to bring people together and these types of events do that on a large scale. Being able to bring entire communities together to participate in something is quite special. It’s a bonus when I get to attend the festivals in my own community!

What is your favorite rental item?
I would have to say the wine barrels! Not only do I enjoy wine, but they bring a sophisticated element to any event. Whether they are standing alone or doubled up under our rustic wood tabletop, I love that they are such a versatile item.

Who’s your furry friend(s)?
I have a cat named Kali that I adopted after I finished school. Kali is full of sass & most would say she’s my mini me.

Taylor - Event Specialist

P: 425-462-7368   E: taylors@grandrents.com

Taylor is the newest addition to the event specialist team at Grand Event Rentals. She previously lived in Spain teaching English where she traveled to many different countries and experienced a variety of diverse cultures. Now at Grand, she loves helping clients with their orders (large or small) and expresses her creativity by designing sample tables in the showroom. She can’t wait to help you with your next event!

What is your favorite type of event?
Family get togethers! Coming from a family that is spread all over the country, I can appreciate and relate to when a client needs extra table settings or accommodations for family members coming into town. It’s especially fun around Thanksgiving and Christmas when you get to learn about your client’s plans for the holidays!

What is your favorite rental item?
I can’t decide between votives or charger plates, but either way I love how little things can transform a table. The subtle candlelight from votives will enhance the romance of an evening while charger plates can add a unique touch to any table.

Who’s your furry friend?
My dog Moosey is a Chihuahua/Basenji mix. She is super cute, super blind, and gets into a lot of trouble.