Planning Your Wedding? 6 Helpful Tips to Get You Started!

Recently engaged? Now what… the wedding planning starts! We’ve put together some important tips to help aid you in your decision making moving forward –

Important Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding

Planning any event takes a lot of patience, motivation and creativity– especially when it comes to outlining a wedding. Weddings are meant to bring individuals together in celebration of a love story and the bond between two families. Though an occasion like this is meant to focus on the bride and groom, having a unique vision or a source of entertainment can make it memorable for both the wedding party and guests. A unique vision is created through long weeks of planning. Handling venue reservations, catering services and other significant deadlines for clothing and decorations can be a lot for one person to deal with. Before planning your next event, check out these helpful tips to ease the stress and make it unlike the rest:


1. A Wedding Planner

I cannot emphasize how important a wedding planner or at least “day of” coordinator is! With so much to do and many deadlines to meet, hiring an event planner is an ideal consideration. Putting everything on paper chronologically and reviewing how the event should flow is a key detail to a successful event. Anyone can have a vision but having an event planner who has the ability to pull your imagination, putting the details on paper and making the wedding happen from beginning to end is priceless!

2. Adding a Special Personal Touch

Personally, I think there are a lot of key elements when it comes to having that personalized touch or something that is unique to you on your wedding day. Whether it be your dog as the ring bearer or providing a s’mores bar to your guests because your fiance proposed to you while camping, it’s something that is untraditional and that ties into your love story. As someone that works in the industry, I always remember the clients that are doing something unique, and it makes me that much more interested in the details of their wedding where we can connect on a personal level, not just a professional level.


3. Designing Your Dream Wedding

When it comes to designing the details, it can be overwhelming and exciting all in one! We recommend starting with your colors, then matching it with your style aesthetic and from there, using wedding inspiration photos to help you compile the details and design elements you want to incorporate – Remember to play around with different trends until you find the “look” that speaks to you as a couple. At Grand Event Rentals, we offer a unique, complementary experience for our clientele, with our mock-tables set up in the showroom to help couples put together their place-settings, browse the linens, rentals and decor in-person before any making any design decisions. It can be a helpful option for narrowing down design elements that work best together or fit you as a couple, and seeing the settup in person can help ease any “design nerves” before the big day!

4. The Guest List & Wedding Party

Determining your invites can be both an exciting and stressful process. Some individuals like sticking with the idea of a low-key wedding, and only invite their immediate family members. Others, who like the idea oft a non-traditional wedding and want to throw a bigger celebration, are more likely to invite a lot of people to their wedding. For this group, it is important to invite immediate family along with friends, children, co-workers, individuals who are close with the family, and plus ones. Depending on your preference, it is important to keep track of who you invite and your RSVP’s. There are several online resources out there to make this process less overwhelming. By using an online service for event management, you can view your wedding criteria all in one space, rather than keeping everything on a piece of paper (that can potentially get lost).

5. Organizing a Staff

The behind the scenes details are vital in planning a wedding. Although they aren’t always as fun to deal with, and don’t make things “pretty”, they are just as important when it comes down to it. Again, it is difficult to do things on your own when you are planning an event to host potentially hundreds of people. Having an event staff to assist you with making food, decorating the venue, or something as specific as setting up tables, will ease your workload. These are all important details that you don’t see on Pinterest, but need can be ironed out well in advance with a supportive staff. As the bride, be sure to delegate the to-do list as this will ensure you focus on the most important part(s) of the day!

6. Deciding on Your Venue

A well-thought out wedding space comes with choosing the perfect venue that suits your vibe. A venue determines a lot of important details for a wedding– the number of guests, the amount of space for decorations, the area for tables and chairs, and even how far your guests will have to travel to attend your big day. Venues can be as simple as renting a giant tent, or booking a beach space. Depending on where you want your wedding to take place, the venue should match your aesthetic and correlate with the type of experience you and your guests want to feel.

Looking to plan an upcoming event? Check out our catalog and gallery photos for inspiration and rental/decor details. Our team is standing by, ready to help plan the first “best day” of our clients lives!